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SWS Daily Market Update - November 3, 2021

The Fed announced that it plans to end keep interest rates unchanged but will start tapering down its bond buying. As reported by WSJ, “Chairman Jerome Powell acknowledged greater uncertainty about the inflation outlook.” As a result of this announcement, the U.S. stock indexes achieved record closings for the fourth consecutive session. The S&P 500 rose 0.65% to close at 4660.57, the Dow Jones Industrial Average went up 0.29% to close at 36157.58 and the Nasdaq composite climbed 1.04% to close at 15811.58.

The ADP employment report showed that the U.S. private sector added 523,000 jobs in October. This is higher that the 517,000 added the month prior and still well above Economist’s prediction of 395,000 added jobs in October.

Markit services PMI (final) was increased in October from the previous rate of 58.2 to 58.7, which higher than the forecasted rate of 58.5.

ISM services index climbed in the month of October to 66.7% from 61.9% in September.

Factory orders were up 0.2% in September as was forecasted; however it is lower than the previous rate of 1.2%.

Core Capital goods orders (revision) stayed flat at 0.8% for September.


The SP 500 is up by 0.65% to close at 4660.57. The index is up 2.39% over five days, up 6.81% over one month, up 5.86% over three months and up 35.35% over one year.

The trailing P/E is 29.27 compared to 37.25 one year ago and estimated future P/E 22.37. Dividend yield is currently 1.31 compared with 1.79 one year ago.

Leading stocks were up FMC 12.62%, CNC up 6.58%, WY up 5.86%, CVS up 5.69% and KR up 5.53%.

Trailing stocks were ATVI down 14.06%, CRL down 10.22%, PAYC down 7.39%, GNRC down 6.24% and STE down 5.92%.

The Dow Jones industrial Average is up by 0.29% to close at 36157.58. The DOW is up 1.88% over five days, up 5.06% over one month, up 3.92% over three months and up 29.84% over one year.

The trailing P/E is 22.56 compared with 27.68 year ago and an estimated future P/E of 18.80. The current dividend yield is 1.77% compared with 2.21 one year ago.

Leading stocks were WBA up 3.10%, NKE up 2.78%, AMGN up 1.81%, UNH up 1.17% and INTL up 1.06%.

Trailing stocks were CAT down 1.72%, GS down 1.40%, CVX down 0.72%, V down 0.50%, and MRK down 0.38%.

The NASDAQ composite is up 1.04% and closed at 15811.58. NASDAQ is up 3.78% over five days, up 9.03% over one month, up 6.98% over 3 months and up 36.42% over one year.

Leading stocks were FATBB up 99.23%, PTPI up 64.57%, IRTC up 59.01%, XRTX up 41.76% and KPTI up 37.37%.

Trailing stocks were UONEK down 37.60%, SKYT down 36.10%, UONE down 31.36%, HOLI down 29.35%, and KLTR down 27.94%.

The MidCap SP400 is up by 1.13% to close at 2889.65. The SP400 is up 5.10% for the past 5 days, up 8.34% for the past month, up 7.77% for the past 3 months and up 45.81% over the past year.

Leading stocks were CPRI up 15.70%, PRG up 15.51% and LIVN up 14.75%.

Trailing stocks were APPS down 19.01%, CAR down 16.54% and EXEL down 12.07%

The SmallCap SP600 is up by 2.14% to close at 1437.95. The SP600 is up 6.26% for the past 5 days, up 6.86% for the past month, up 8.79% for the past 3 months and up 58.10% over the past year.

Leading stocks were VRTC up 29.71%, OMI up 22.30% and GKOS up 18.64%.

Trailing stocks were TUP down 19.35%, UIS down 18.79% and FDP down 11.80%.

The CBOE VIX is down 5.80% and closed at 15.10. The VIX is down 11.07% over five days, down 28.10% over one month, down 15.97% over three months and down 48.93% over one year.

On the New York stock exchange 2226 stocks advanced and 1107 declined, while on Nasdaq 3157 advanced and 1470 declined.

There were 253 new 52 week highs and 21 new 52 week lows on NYSE with 356 new highs and 43 new lows on NASDAQ.

The 2 year Treasury note yield is 0.474% and 10 year is 1.606%. The 10 year yield is up 2.7% over five days, up 2.9% over one month, up 38.2% three months ago, and up 83.6% one year ago.

SP500 Sector Performance % change

Consumer Discretionary +1.84

Materials +1.10

Consumer Staples +0.89

Communication Services +0.63

Health Care +0.63

Information Technology +0.60

Real Estate +0.60

Financials +0.40

Industrials -0.19

Utilities -0.32

Energy -0.83

Consumer Discretionary is up 4.06% over five days, up 13.35% over one month, up 12.95% over three months and up 31.62% over one year.

Energy has been down 0.26% over five days, up 5.17% over one month, up 18.83% over three months and up 94.67% over one year.

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