Stock Wealth Safely winners over the past 3 months are listed showing the date the 5% target was achieved, weeks held, the gain expressed as an annualized return.

Our returns are better than the SPX over time:

6 Months Results:

We have followed 225 stocks for a minimum of 6 months. 88% have reached their 5% target within this time, achieving this goal in an average of 5.4 ± 5.1 weeks from selection.

If the stock was sold that day for a 5% profit, the SPX bought and sold on the same days rose an average of 3.50%.

The average maximum rise of the individual stocks during the 6 month interval is 20% compared with 13% if the SPX was purchased on the same day as the stock selection.

12 Months Results:

One year after selection, 91% of our 188 recommended stocks have gained at least 5%, and the average maximum rise is now 30.0% (SPX 24%).

18 Months Results:

We have data on 156 stocks with an 18 month follow up. 93% have reached the 5% target with the average maximum rise of 39% with SPX 33%

24 Months Results:

We have data on 122 stocks with a 24 month follow up. 96% of these stocks have reached the 5% target, and the average maximum rise is 58% versus 46% for the SPX.

For all time periods, SWS has better performance than if the benchmark SPX was purchased at the same time as our selected stocks.