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Below are some answers to our most commonly asked questions regarding the Stock Wealth Safely investment approach. 

  • Who uses Stock Wealth Safely?
    Stock Wealth Safely is used by active investors who trade frequently. They believe that they can select stocks that will outperform the market. These investors typically take a profit 3 to 6 months after purchasing the stock. They expect a reliable annual return of around 15% for their portfolio. The selections made by SWS meet all of the goals for this type of investor.
  • What do I need to get started?
    An investor needs enough cash to get started to allow them to buy 10-20 stocks and hold them for up to one year. This should allow them to achieve the 10-15% annual return that SWS has achieved. The exact amount of cash depends on whether an investor buys stocks or options. The average price of all the SWS selections is $95.00 so 100 shares would cost around $9500.00. However, buying an option typically costs 5-8% of the stock price (the exact amount depends on strike price and expiration date). You will also need an account with a broker that allows you to trade at a very low commission rate and offers the ability to trade in options.
  • What is included in the subscription?
    You will get our carefully selected stocks and options delivered directly to your inbox. On average, we have two selections per week.
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