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Stock Wealth Safely

Stock Wealth Safely has created a successful proprietary investment approach resulting in more than 85% of selected stocks gaining at least 5% within six months of selection.

This performance should result in about a 10-15% annual return. Our results beat the S&P 500!

We've spent years developing this system.

You can try it for yourself. 

Stock Wealth Safely beats the S&P 500

Stock Wealth Safely has devoted more than 25 years of scientific research to develop a unique approach to stock investing. Our results beat the S&P 500 and offer the potential for long term wealth.

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Research Driven Stock Selections

Stock Wealth Safely has developed algorithms that are successful in different market conditions so we can consistently select profitable stocks. Our competitive advantage is our ability to know how to weight the different variables that will affect a stocks performance over the upcoming months.

There are times when the fundamental value of a stock is most important, other times it is growth prospects, price momentum, technical factors or other measures. Our proprietary methods that combine all of this information correctly produces the SWS selections that have been demonstrated to be highly profitable.

Our Performance

While selling our stock selection when its price increases 5% produces healthy returns, another approach is to hold a selected stock for a longer period. The results below show the possible returns using this approach.


Maintaining a position for up to 2 years can result in progressively higher gains, doing better than the SPX would have done if purchased on the same date for all time periods. See our long term results page for details.

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